Unboxing the SheevaPlug mini-PC

I received my SheevaPlug Dev Kit today from GlobalScale Technologies. I took some pictures of the unboxing. This thing is so small! A 1.2Ghz Ubuntu Linux PC the size of 2 decks of cards – Ownage!

Below are links to the pics. Stay tuned for more posts as I fire it up and put it through some tests.  I have so many ideas and plans for devices like this. I will post some of those soon too.

















10 Responses to “Unboxing the SheevaPlug mini-PC”

  1. Blazer Says:

    I must say too, how impressed I am with the *packaging*. I have ordered dev and pre-retail dev versions of things before, and they would sometimes just arrive in a plain anti-static bag tossed into a box.

    This box is, to put it plainly, “fancy”. It looks and feels really high quality, and actually has a *magnetic* seal! Seriously, who incorporates magnets into the *box* of their product? GlobalScale obviously takes this product very seriously, and it shows.

    I just hope the product impresses me as much as the packaging! Haha!

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  3. skip Says:

    You’re the first one I’ve been able to find that has received one. I ordered mine on
    3/3 and haven’t seen anything yet. When did you order yours? Do you have
    an “in” or did you just order it from the web site like I did?


  4. Blazer Says:

    I just ordered from the web, I guess I got lucky. However, I do have some issues with my unit (bad blocks on the NAND flash, and the boot partition is a few bytes too small to fit installing a new boot image – even they one they supply). I have thusfar been able to get a response from their support. I guess they are busy fulfilling orders? But they could at least send me some sort of “we got your message” reply.

  5. skip Says:

    A few bad blocks in NAND flash is typical and shouldn’t be a problem as long
    as you use the right FS (like yaffs or yaffs2). The boot image not fitting in
    the boot partition is a “bit” of a bigger problem.

    Does the thing boot Linux out of the box or you do have to load it onto the card?
    I hope the JTAG interface isn’t’ required to bring up Linux. Googling for Sheeva
    plug showed some commits to open OCD so perhaps the JTAG will be usable
    by mortals without megabucks.

    Do you know if the SD slot supports SDHC cards or are we limited to 2gigs? I was going to order a card so I’d have it when my toy arrives.


  6. skip Says:

    Ah boots Ubuntu! Damn it, where’s mine? In case you haven’t found it yet
    there’s a good discussion going on here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1082489



  7. Blazer Says:

    Yeah it boots Ubuntu. Mine did until I got the dumb idea of using the nand_test binary to “test” the nand flash (wanted to verify the bad blocks). Unforunately it is a destructive test and I can no longer boot from the flash, and as I said the boot partition is too small to reflash the image back onto it. I am still booting it via NFS though, until their thusfar nonexistant support will tell me how to make the boot partition larger. Thanks for the link I will check that out.

  8. Bradford Says:

    Blazer, try using the new uImage.Sheevaplug.040309 image. It won’t have that error.

    I received mine and just got it set up as what it’s supposed to be: web server (my blog), file server, and torrent box :D

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